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The rapid adoption of cloud-based applications by the enterprise, combined with organizations’ desire to integrate applications with mobile technologies, is dramatically increasing application integration complexity.

Edclas is a place where students get trained through online training videos. They attain skills and reach their goals. All our videos are real-time recordings of previous batches by our expert tutors. And Here we go with Oracle SOA Course.

Duration of videos: 15 hrs.

Number Of Videos: 21

What You Will Learn In Oracle SOA Course is:

XML Introduction

Orchestrating Services with BPEL

Adapter Concepts

Synchronous and Asynchronous BPEL Process

Fault handling Concepts etc……,



Course Curriculum

XML Introduction
Why XML,What is XML,XSD,Xpath FREE 00:35:00
WSDL,SOAP and UDDI Concepts
RPC,Web Services,adapters 00:49:00
Orchestrating Services With BPEL
Creating BPEL Process 00:54:00
Xpath Expression Builder,Deploying the BPEL Process 00:50:00
BPEL Process Scenario 00:37:00
While,Pick and Alarm
While Loop File Read and Write 00:40:00
Parallel Processing,Conditional Branching
For Each Parallel Looping SyncRead FREE 01:03:00
Adapter Concepts
File Adapter 00:50:00
Database Adapter 01:00:00
Database Inbound Schema Validation 00:37:00
JMS Adapter 00:45:00
JMS Message Detail 01:00:00
Salesforce Adapter 00:27:00
Database Relationship 00:37:00
Synchronous and Asynchronous BPEL Process
Synchronization Services In BPEL Process FREE 00:37:00
XSLT Transform 00:30:00
Fault Handling Concepts
Exception Handling 00:56:00
Exception Repair 00:16:00
Working With Mediator
Mediator Routing 00:37:00
Human Workflow and Business Rules
Human Task&Business Rules FREE 00:42:00
End to End Leave WebApp Router 00:47:00
Video 00:00:00

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