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SAP BASIS is a business application software integrated solution. Simply, BASIS is the administration of the SAP system. It’s a piece of middleware which links the application with the database and the operating system. SAP BASIS is most commonly associated with the GUI interface to the SAP, and the administrator is an SAP professional who is responsible for configuring the SAP environment, including the GUI screens and SAP application servers.

Edclas is a place where students get trained through online training videos. They attain skills and reach their goals. All our videos are realtime recordings of previous batches by our expert tutors. And Here we go with SAP Basis  Course.

Duration of videos :  30 hrs.

Number Of Videos: 34

What you Will Learn In SAP Basis Course is:

Introduction To SAP Basis

Architecture of SAP Server

Client Administration

Transport Management System(TMS)

Database Analysis& Administration etc…..,




Course Curriculum

Sap Basis Training Videos
Class-1 FREE 01:00:00
Class-2 01:24:00
Class-3 01:00:00
Class-4 01:09:36
Class-5 01:15:00
Class-6 00:47:00
Class-7 00:42:00
Class-8 01:06:00
Class-9 00:56:00
Class-10 01:25:48
Class-11 FREE 00:24:00
Class-12 00:36:00
Class-13 01:00:00
Class-14 00:52:00
Class-15 01:07:12
Class-16 00:55:00
Class-17 00:50:00
Class-18 01:00:00
Class-19 01:11:24
Class-20 FREE 00:52:00
Class-21 01:15:36
Class-22 01:00:00
Class-23 01:00:00
Class-24 01:00:00
Class-25 00:38:00
Class-26 00:20:00
Class-27 00:33:00
Class-28 FREE 00:15:00
Class-29 00:04:00
Class-30 00:50:00
Class-31 01:00:00
Class-32 01:06:36
Class-33 00:40:00
Class-34 00:22:00
Conclusion 00:00:00

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