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SAP Business Warehouse (BW) powered by SAP HANA refers to using BW software suite on top of HANA database. This functionality explores all the key features of HANA database technologies and uses BW as a modeling tool for data modeling and analytical reporting.

Edclas is a place where students get trained through online training videos. They attain skills and reach their goals. All our videos are real-time recordings of previous batches by our expert tutors. And Here we go with SAP BW On Hana Course.

Duration of videos: 35 hrs.

Number Of Videos: 35

What You Will Learn In SAP BW On Hana Course is:

Introduction To SAP BW&SAP Hana Concepts

Evaluation of Hana Landscape

SAP Hana Basics

SAP Hana and Business Strategy

SAP Hana Architecture and Modelling etc…..,


Course Curriculum

Difference Between SAP BW&SAP BW On Hana FREE 00:49:00
Hana Database 00:55:00
SAP Hana Modeling
Data extraction &Data Source FREE 00:40:00
Adding the BW System to Hana Studio 00:50:00
Calculation View 01:07:47
Generating View 00:47:00
SAP BW Modeling Objects
Creating Characteristics,Creating Attributes FREE 01:00:00
Key Figures 01:07:47
Info Cubes 00:54:00
BW Modeling to Hana Studio 00:10:00
Info Providers 00:53:00
Consolidation,Optimized DSO,character,key figure using Hana Studio 02:30:00
Composite Provider,Delta mechanism 00:45:00
Info object,ODS View 01:00:00
Facts,Generating Data Flow 01:13:12
Multi Provider,InfoSet 01:07:12
Installation Of DataSource From Business Content 01:08:24
Composite Provider,Creating The DSO 01:14:24
Filters,Conditions,Exceptions 01:31:12
Master Data,Logistics&Non Logistics FREE 00:45:00
DataSource Enhancement
Datasource Enhancement 01:14:24
Generic and Transactional Datasource 01:10:12
Full Load and Delta Initialization 01:16:48
Data Flow InfoSource,Open Hub Destination 01:01:48
Delta Queue FREE 01:04:12
Source Systems,ODP Extractors 01:18:00
ODP Context Source Systems 01:04:12
ODP SLT Queue,Creating Configuration 01:04:48
Transformation,Replication server 01:00:00
RFC Connection,Database 00:59:00
SAP Business Objects Data Services
DataLoad From The SAP BODS 00:52:00
Data Services Using ODQ 01:12:00
JBatchJOB,Data Service using Data Flow 01:25:48
Data Service using DS SQL 00:54:00
SAP Hana Analysis Process,SAP Transport 01:09:00
Video 00:00:00

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