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MS SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. This product is built for the basic function of storing retrieving data as required by other applications. It can be run either on the same computer or on another across a network.

Edclas is a place where students get trained through online training videos. They attain skills and reach their goals. All our videos are real-time recordings of previous batches by our expert tutors. And Here we go with Sql Server DBA Course.

Duration of videos: 18 hrs.

Number Of Videos: 29

What You Will Learn In SQL Server DBA Course is:


Sql Server Architecture

Security,automation and Monitoring

Performance and Optimization etc…..,

Course Curriculum

Installation, Pre-requisites FREE 00:35:00
VMWare Work Station, Virtual Machines 01:06:36
Service accounts, Instance Rules 01:04:12
Management Studio (SSMS) Tool Usage 00:51:00
Installing Service Pack,Hot fixes 01:07:12
Securing DB SMTP accounts,D/W Server Instance&Database, Client-server communication 00:39:00
Starting and Stopping Services,Command Prompts&Sql CMD 00:23:00
Sql Migration,side by side migration,crosscheck migration 00:12:00
SQL Server Architecture
Architecture,DBMS,ACID,Life cycle,Buffer 00:43:00
Recovery Models,checkpoint and lazywriter,pages,events FREE 00:38:00
log file issues,Data files,Log files,file growth,Scripting database structure 00:40:00
Security,Automation and Monitoring
Logins,Server Roles,Database Roles,Database Users 00:39:00
Sql Server Agent,Server Jobs,Maintenance Plans 00:33:00
Sql Server Monitoring,Active Monitoring,Central Management Server,Trace Flags,Utility 00:37:00
Backup and Restore
Backups,Types of Backups,file backups,backup strategy FREE 00:37:00
Backup verifications,Restorations and Recovery 00:36:00
Copying Files,DB Restores,VLDB,Log Shipping 00:32:00
High Availability and Replication
Mirroring,Modes,Failover Types,Testing Mirrors 00:34:00
Roles and Replication 00:15:00
Windows server,Sql Server Clustering,Nodes,Cluster Installation 00:19:00
AlwaysOn,Availability group,Failovers 00:58:00
Nodes,Install Sql Server Failover Cluster 01:10:48
Add Nodes to Sql Server Cluster 00:28:00
Sql Server AlwaysOn,Replica 00:47:00
Performance and Optimization
Deadlocks,Trace flog,Lockings and latches 00:34:00
Blocking,Spin locks,Audits FREE 00:17:00
CPU Usage,Missing Indexes,Disks,Management Views 00:23:00
Index Architecture,Heap,DTA,Cluster&Non Cluster Index 00:21:00
Physical Memory,32-bit,64-bit Systems,Waits statistics&Types 00:22:00
Video 00:00:00

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